The form of my Sonata, "The Song of the Blackbird"

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In the spring-summer of 1998 I recorded the Blackbird’s cries-songs that sang in the courtyard of my little Parisien apartment each morning in the wee hours. I used these songs as a basis of this Sonata Fantasy.


_____Statement as in sonata-form
_____Development, that soon leads to an important choral
_____Double fugue that serves as a scherzo. (You can write fugues with humor), leading to a pedal and giant climax…
Just before the return  there’s a small “hidden” quote from Paul McCartney’s  "Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night"
_____Recap, after the second theme, the choral comes back interspersed with blackbird-fantasy- quips-cadenzas, as its’ singing fades mystically away in the life of night